Drawing for movement

Gesture drawing is important to effectively communicate your ideas. This online course will teach you how to capture the essence of the pose for character design, storyboarding, animation, design and illustration.

Drawing for movement


6 February to 24 April 2023 (2 hours every Monday)

The programme is designed for students or professionals with a strong desire to develop their gesture drawing skills. The course will interest professionals and students in animation, illustration, fashion, comic book, and graphic storytelling. Participants should have a previous life drawing experience. The program will be 100% in English and participants will need to have a level of English that will allow them to follow the lectures.

LEVEL 1 (Beginner): Drawing Warm-Ups

  • Week 1 - Warm-Ups - Continuous Lines, Mark-Making
  • Week 2 - Lines of Movement - Rhythm & Flow
  • Week 3 - Key Lines - Essence of the Pose
  • Week 4 - Contrast - Straights & Curves

LEVEL 2 (Intermediate): Graphic & Animation Principles

  • Week 1 - Flexibility - Squash & Stretch
  • Week 2 - Angles - Clarifying the Pose
  • Week 3 - Silhouette 1 - Shapes (cut-outs)
  • Week 4 - Silhouette 2 - Shapes (drawing)

LEVEL 3 (Advanced): Storytelling

  • Week 1 - Anatomical landmarks
  • Week 2 - Exaggeration - Pushing the Pose
  • Week 3 - Action Analysis - Anticipation / Action / Reaction
  • Week 4 - Character & Storytelling

Download the timetable

Classes will be held on GOBELINS’ online platform every Monday from 6.30 P.M. to 8.30 P.M. (Paris time) from 6th February to 24 April 2023. Certain classes or activities may begin earlier and finish later.

Tuition fees

Package 1 : 330 € package for one session includes :

The programme of lectures and workshops for one level (Beginner or Intermediate or Advanced)

Package 2 : 900 €, complete package includes :
The complete programme of lectures and workshops for all three levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

*GOBELINS reserves the right to alter the content of the packages and its fees whenever they need to be amended or improved.

Admission process

Applicants should complete the application form (.PDF) and return it to onlinecourses@gobelins.fr with a short CV and examples of graphic work (accepted formats: websites, Tumblr, Filemail or WeTransfer).

Applications may be submitted all year long and up to one week before the start of classes. After assessment of the application by the selection committee, participants will be notified about their admission by email within 2 weeks.

There will be no formal evaluation, marks or grades during the course. GOBELINS will not return any submitted material.




Niall Laverty has been teaching gesture drawing to animation students and professionals for over 15 years.

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