Motion design

This course will give you a “Behind The Scenes” look from real projects like TV Opening Titles, Channel Rebranding, 3D Commercials and other Motion Design applications. You will be able to understand the direction philosophy and how to keep your own voice through diversity. This is not a Tutorial oriented course, but a deeper dive, into the core of Motion Design knowledge, where software is just a tool for creativity.

A previous experience in Motion Design is required so that students can benefit the most from the programme.

Such experience is mandatory in order to participate in the workshop activities which represent more than 50% of the programme. Consequently, candidates should master the classic Motion Design softwares (Cinema4D, Adobe Creative Suite, render engines Octane/Redshift or Sketch&Toon).
Other profiles, such as young professionals or students of Art Design, could also get a better understanding of Design Principles and Animation, but they should have some strong basic knowledges of the softwares.

The programme is 100% in English, therefore applicants should have a good command of English in order to follow lectures and workshops.

In this course, you will develop :

  • a personal project from start to finish ;
  • new skills and get personalized feedbacks from professionals ;
  • a method on how to mix ideas and references, for a unique result ;
  • your portfolio: create of a 5 sec loop/ instagram loop including animatics ;
  • learn the process of creating a commercial work and how to handle feedback, in order to adapt your design and animation. 

At the end of the course, participants will receive an official certificate from GOBELINS.

The course will open in 2022.

Classes will be held on GOBELINS’ online platform from 12.00 P.M. to 17.00 P.M. (Paris time). Certain classes or activities may begin earlier and finish later.

Tuition fees

1800 €: The complete programme of master classes, lectures, and workshops.

Admission process

Applicants should complete the application form (.PDF) and return it to together with:
·       Your showreel
·       The pitch of your personal project, including images - moodboard or/and styleframes. in PDF (Max. 5 pages).
·       Your expectations of this course (max. 150 words).
The selection committee accepts work from websites or to receive a portfolio via Filemail or WeTransfer.
There will be no formal evaluation, marks or grades during the programme.
GOBELINS will not return any submitted material. 



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