Animation Preparatory Year online

The purpose of this online preparatory course is to experiment with various creative techniques in order to build a study project or an artistic portfolio and then to be able to present it in a constructive way with an adapted vocabulary. This year will allow you to acquire the basic artistic and technical skills required for further studies in Animation Cinema.

Prepa animation


1 year

Pace of study


Entrance exams results 2023

  • Highschool diploma holders from 2022 or 2023
  • Non European students shall be at least 18 y.o. for the visa process

  • Strong interest and ability to draw
  • Creativity and artistic sensitivity
  • Curiosity for art in all its forms
  • Good general knowledge
  • Open-mindedness
  • Ability to search for graphic trends
  • Ability to analyze them and to express oneself through all forms of visual creation 

You will be eligible to apply to:

  • GOBELINS’ Bachelor of Arts in Animation
  • Entrance exams of animation schools from the RECA network and other Animation programmes in France and abroad

  • 1 computer station with webcam and good internet connection
  • 1 graphics tablet

Continuous assessment.

Tuition fees

€8.700 per year  (+ €300 if monthly-instalment payment)  

Admission process

Shared entrance exam with the Bachelor of Arts programme.

Opening of admission process :  November 17, 2022
Closing of admission process :  March 2, 2023
Admission interviews :  April 11-23, 2023

Download the admission process


General artistic education

  • History of Arts and Animation Cinema, chronological landmarks and methods of analysis of various artistic sectors, including photography and cinema
  • Semiology, analysis of existing work

Artistic education – fundamentals

  • Observation drawing: knowledge of the different modes of translation of reality
  • Drawing of space: rules of perspective, outdoors sketches, scenery approach
  • Live model: nude sketches, fixed and moving, morphology
  • Composition of an image
  • Creativity: colour, volume, creative techniques

Artistic education – specialties

  • Discovery of Animation techniques: stop motion, posing...
  • Narrative in images: notions of staging, creative biases
  • Character and set design: construction, model sheet, appropriation of existing characters, stylisation...
  • Jobs presentations, curricula and specificities of the schools
  • Assistance in the definition of the study goals, in the choice and preparation of entrance exams
  • Presentation of artistic portfolios through peer-to-peer interactions and in front of juries composed of teachers and professionals
  • Training sessions for entrance exams (mock exams...)


Not mandatory but recommended (during school holidays periods)


Construction of a graphic portfolio, mock exams

  • Build your training project and identify your artistic singularity
  • Exploit various methods of creativity, modes of representation
  • Strengthen your graphic and plastic skills
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Develop a general and artistic culture
  • Argue using specific vocabulary
  • Acquire mastery of drawing

This training takes place entirely online and is based on the northern hemisphere school calendar (September 2023 to June 2024).

  • Small group work
  • Live learning courses over 23 weeks offering a choice of 2 time slots of 3 hours of live lessons per day corresponding to the 2 major time zones of the globe
  • Exercises to be carried out independently based on pre-recorded video teaching aids and tools
  • Live learning workshops
  • Preparation of the book (digital and print) for the entrance exams to animation film schools
  • Preparation for entrance examinations (written and oral tests)

Tutoring is set up to monitor and support students:

  • 4 individual appointments minimum with the tutor of the program: positioning at the entrance, mid-term review, review before and after the competitions.
  • In addition, individualized follow-up of 3 hours, by individual appointment, spread over the entire program
  • A “production referent” tutor who supervises work and projects and guarantees personalized feedback for all the work carried out during the training
  • Remote learning mode allowing the development of skills of autonomy, initiative-taking involving more maturity: major assets to be mobilized during the oral examinations and for the pursuit of studies
  • Distribution in sub-groups, with reduced numbers, allowing individualization
  • Personalized follow-up
  • Implementation of a pedagogical tutoring

Continuation of studies

Animation Preparatory Year online

Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking

The purpose of this course is to enable students to master all traditional and digital animation techniques (2D and 3D) from pre-production to post-production.

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