Summer School in Character Animation

This immersive 2 week Summer School gives you the opportunity to expand your skills in animation and to get a better understanding of what makes a successful Character Animation.

The morning classes will present you with different aspects of the animation pipeline and will be followed by workshops, where – depending on your goals - you will be able to create a unique animation sequence in 2D, or a body mechanic shot in 3D, under tutors’ guidance.

Come and share your passion with students or professionals from around the world while developing the best competencies by both listening to and interacting with the world’s leading masters in the field!



Paris Saint-Marcel


From July 1 to July 12, 2024

  • Students or Professionals
  • Minimum age: candidates must be over 18 y.o to be eligible to the Full Package. Under 18 students are welcome to apply for the package 2.
  • The programme is 100% in English, therefore applicants should have a good command of the language in order to easily follow the course.

Pre-requisite for applicants who would like to participate in the workshops (Full Package and Package 2)

  • Background in Animation or Visual Arts
  • Good drawing skills
  • Proficiency in animation softwares, such as TV paint for 2D Animation, or Maya for 3D Animation/ Except for traditional animators.

No prerequisite for auditors

  • We welcome all profiles who would like to get a better understanding of Character Animation during the lectures (no participation in the workshops).

GOBELINS School is located in the very heart of Paris.
73 boulevard St Marcel
Paris 13th district

Nearest subway station: Les Gobelins - line 7

Summer School classes will be held daily from 10 AM to 5 PM - Monday to Friday - but students are welcome from 8:30 AM until 7 PM. Classrooms will also remain available on Saturday, July 6  for personal work.

Premises are closed on Sunday hence no activities are scheduled on Sunday.

Please note that some classes or activities may begin earlier or finish later. The school reserves the right to make any last-minute change in the programme whenever it needs to be amended or improved.

Download the timetable

  • Listen to masterclasses where GOBELINS professors will share their award-winning teaching experience with the audience
  • Shape your professionalism by attending lectures from internationally renowned experts from the industry
  • Discover GOBELINS methods on advanced techniques in Animation
  • Learn best tips to develop your portfolio

  • Benefit from state of the art digital facilities (one computer per student with Adobe suite, TVpaint, Maya installed on all computers) and art supplies for hand-drawn Animation.
  • For 2D students: Complete an acting exercise focused on a character’s expression and gesture - or an interaction between two characters for more advanced participants.
  • For 3D learners: Focus on a walk cycle or a body mechanic exercise to produce a 3-5 second sequence in 3D character animation
  • Receive invaluable individual feedback from tutors in class
  • Participate in the « Acting for Animation » class, and life drawing classes

All attendees will receive an official certificate from GOBELINS at the end of the Summer School.

Should the Summer School be cancelled due to an unexpected outbreak, GOBELINS will refund the tuition fees in full.
In the event of a cancellation by the participant:

  • before April 15 2024, all participation fees will be reimbursed
  • After April 15 2024, GOBELINS will retain 50% of paid fees
  • After May 30 2024, the school reserves the right to retain the full payment

Tuition fees

  • Full package: €3200*
  • Package 2: €2600*
  • Auditor Package: €1800*

* See below for package details

Admission process

1.Application Submission > 2. Selection process > 3. Letter of admissibility > 4. Online payment > 5. Confirmation

Send your application form, a short CV, together with a portfolio* showing examples of your graphic and/or animation work to  
Wetransfer or Website links are accepted.
Please note that seats in the programme are limited, hence the selection committee will examine the files for admission on a first come first served basis, until places remain available. In any case, applications will be reviewed until May 15, at the latest.
After notification of admissibility, you will be able to proceed to the payment using our online platform.
Seat will only be guaranteed after complete payment.
*GOBELINS will not return any submitted material.

*Tuition fees details

Full package: €3200


  • Participation to morning lectures and afternoon workshops.
  • A welcome breakfast at GOBELINS on Monday July 1, and a get together dinner in a typical French restaurant (on week 2 / Tuesday 9 tbc).
  • Accommodation: 13 nights from Sunday June 30 (Check-in) to Saturday 13 (Check-out). Typically a single comfortable room with shower in one heritage building of the International University Campus, or in a private student residence in Paris. Daily breakfast included. Access to the students’ dining room (subject to additional charge payable to the residence).
  • Travel pass for local transport: Participants will be granted a Travel Pass valid from Monday July 1st until Sunday July 14th, suitable to commute everyday between the residence and the school, and to enjoy unlimited travel on Metro, bus, or RER within central Paris.

Package 2: €2600


  • Participation to morning lectures and afternoon workshops.
  • A welcome breakfast at GOBELINS on Monday 3, and a get together dinner in a typical French restaurant (on week 2 / Tuesday 11 tbc).

Without Accommodation, no Travel pass.

Auditor Package: €1800


  • Attendance to all lectures.
  • A welcome breakfast at GOBELINS on Monday 3, and a get together dinner in a typical French restaurant (on week 2 / Tuesday 11 tbc).

Without workshops, no Accommodation, no Travel pass.



Yoshimichi TAMURA

After highschool, Yoshi studied animation in the CFT GOBELINS. He started at Disney in 1991, in France, participated to several TVseries as Gooftroop, and specials as Winnie the pooh and the christmas tree.

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Animation Supervisor
After backpacking during a year in Australia and studying animation on-line at the same time, Samy came back in France in 2006 and started his first job in animation at Teamto on the TV show « Zoe Kezako », then got an opportunity to work in Luxembourg on the movie « 9 » for Attitude Studio.

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Teacher and coordinator
John Coven has been working as a visual storyteller for over thirty years. As a storyboard artist in Hollywood he’s worked with directors such as Steven Spielberg,Tim Burton, Jon Favreau, and Ben Stiller. His credits include The Lion King, Jurassic World, Venom, Logan, Captain America: Civil War, and the original X-Men.

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Nicolas BENOIT

Lead Animator
Nicolas is a character animator and a filmmaker. After graduating from GOBELINS in 2014 he built a career in animation by collaborating with major international studios.

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Benjamin BERREBI

Benjamin BERREBI

Benjamin was a student at GOBELINS, and after a few years spent in the studios as an animator, he decided to come back to the school.

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Originally from Meridian, Mississippi in the USA, Robert W. Bennett came to Paris, where he now lives, to learn his craft from a master known as the « father of modern mime », Etienne Decroux, creator of the technique « Mime Corporel Dramatique » and teacher of Marcel Marceau and Jean-Louis Barrault.

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I'm a Character designer and Visual Development artist from Italy based in Paris.

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Teacher and animation supervisor
After training at GOBELINS and Beaux-Arts de Paris,
Kristof Serrand began his career in the early 80s,
working with Paul Grimault, Jacques Rouxel, René Laloux,
and on the Asterix feature films at the Gaumont studios.

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Valentin Lucas

Valentin LUCAS

After graduating from Gobelins with the short film Hors de l’Eau, Valentin Lucas worked in Spain on the feature film Klaus as a 2D animator.

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Samuel Edward Horowitz

Samuel Edward HOROWITZ

Concept and Character Designer and Visual Development Artist
Sam is a Character/Concept Artist, 2D Animator, and storyboard artist from upstate NY. He began his education studying Industrial Design at The Rochester Institute of Technology before moving to California, where he narrowed his focus on Concept design, studying at both Art Center College of Design and Concept Design Academy in Pasadena.

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Director and storyboard artist
Born in Moscow, currently based in France working in the animation industry as director and storyboard artist.

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Zheping Xu

Zheping XU

Storyboard Artist
Zheping is a Storyboard Artist based in Paris. Graduate from Ecole Georges Méliès, has worked for various studios such as Fortiche (Arcane s2), Nickelodeon, The line and Suncreature...

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Pierre-Yves VAUZELLE

Pierre-Yves VAUZELLE

Animator, storyboarder and storyteller
Pierre-Yves is an animator, storyboarder and storyteller graduated from GOBELINS in 2018. 

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