Annie Awards 2021: two GOBELINS graduation shorts selected!

Annie Awards 2021: two GOBELINS graduation shorts selected!


A historic double nomination for GOBELINS

GOBELINS is very proud to announce this historic double nomination for its graduation shorts, in the famous Annie Awards competition!

"COFFIN" and "LA BESTIA" have been selected to run in the category "Best Student Film", in a ceremony that will be held online this year, on Friday, April 16th.

MEDIAWAN, one of the main independent European studios producing audiovisual content, is sponsoring these two shorts in their run for the awards!  



Directed by Yuanqing CAI, Nathan CRABOT, Houzhi HUANG, Mikolaj JANIW, Mandimby LEBON, Théo TRAN NGOC, COFFIN transports us into the oppressive atmosphere of a city in southern China. 


"We are so grateful to ASIFA-Hollywood for nominating our film as part of this ceremony. Because the Annie Awards nomination is not only a recognition for COFFIN and its team, but also an recognition to GOBELINS, l'école de l'image".

Yuanqing CAI, réalisateur de COFFIN




Directed by Marlijn VAN NUENEN, Ram TAMEZ, Alfredo Gerard KUTTIKATT, LA BESTIA depicts the encounter of a young mexican smuggler with a little girl travelling illegally on top of a cargo train, to get to the USA.
A socially committed film on the issue of cross border immigration. 


"This nomination means a lot, not just because the ANNIE Awards are one the highest recognitions you could have as a creator, but also because it sends the message that there is a place for such stories in animation. These stories and their concentrated subjects can make us feel uncomfortable with what's out there in the world. Yet, I believe that using animation to tell these specific stories makes them universal. I am grateful to ASIFA-Hollywood for allowing La Bestia to be part of the ceremony."

Ram TAMEZ, director of LA BESTIA



Published on 3 March 2021

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