BECOME 3D CHARACTER ANIMATOR : studios are recuiting !

BECOME 3D CHARACTER ANIMATOR : studios are recuiting !

Important career opportunities to be seized ... jobs to be filled in the animation industry are booming!


According to the union of animation film producers (SPFA), the employment sector which currently represents 5000 people in France will increase to 7500 in 2020. Since 2001, the French animation has produced yearly on average more than 300 hours of programs (355 hours in 2011) and 3 to 10 feature films (10 in 2011). This tendancy has been observed everywhere in the world and the need for 3D Character Animators is increasing in Europe, Canada, China etc. 

"Character animators have been the most sought-after in recent times as during the production of an animated film, it is the work requiring the most skilled. A lot of studios are in great need in terms of recruitment and struggle to build their teams, which is especially the case in 3D animation projects" says Moïra Marguin, Head of Animation Cinema Department of GOBELINS.

GOBELINS is the only school to train 3D character animators in 1 year!

You will learn acting, movement, lipsynch, 3D animation techniques ... And we will help you to develop your demo reel in order to enhance your profile with professionals.  There is no age limit for enrolling. You must have a Bac +2 or equivalent in the fields of 3D (modeling, animation, rendering) or 2D animation with a 3D experience, or 2 years of minimum professional experience in these fields.


"Shared between our studios in Paris, Montreal and London: 'Asterix, le Domaine des Dieux', 'Mune', 'Le Petit Prince', 'Sahara', 'Captain Underpants' or 'Sherlock Gnomes' are projects of very different size, nature and styles, but have in common their high level of demand and their ambitions, both artistic and technical.
Animation is one of the crucial departments to carry out such projects, and our various studios are constantly looking for passionate artists to come to give life and soul to the characters.
What we are looking for, above all, in an animator is a good understanding of the basics of animation (spacing, timing, body-mechanics, weight, cycles, lipsync...) but also, and mostly, a sensitivity to different styles (from cartoon to realistic), a high level of polish and actings and we are aware that training, through school and / or personal work, allow the acquisition of these skills."

Cécile Steinlein, Talent Development & Outreach - Mikros image


3D Character Animation Exercises


Published on 31 July 2017

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Become a 3D character animator, integrate a unique programme in France

Give life to cartoon characters! Register before June 18 and enter the world of animation by following the 3D Character Animator training.

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