BLUE CURRY - Graduation short film 2021

BLUE CURRY - Graduation short film 2021


The Pitch 

Blue Curry is a conversation in which a mother invites her child to understand the beauty of Diversity on Earth, through the preparation of a Curry. lt's a universal story that starts from a simple question of a child to his mother, questioning his identity and differences between people. lt's a very complex question, yet pertinent and essential to the understanding of the World in which we live. 


The Film 


Where did the idea come from ? 

The very first sparkle of this idea came from an indian myth, in which the god Krishna, as a kid, comes to his mother with mud in his mouth. She forces him to spit it out, and when he opens his mouth, she sees the whole universe in it. This image gave us the will of treating our subject in a subtle and poetic tone, using visual metaphors. Since we met, we were often gathering around food, and this link between us made the idea of using the cooking process as a story structure. The curry embodies the vision of diversity, in a warm and sweet way. All of this served our wish to tell a multicultural story, that would be enriching, that would push parents to talk to their kids and kids to think about their identity. 

How did you come up with this artistic direction ?

We wanted the artistic direction to follow the emotional journey of Neel. The "real" world he's sharing with his mother is rather realistic in proportions. From the moment he enters into his imagination, Neel's body is getting simplified to focus on his head, eyes and ears, the center of his curiosity. His surroundings on the contrary are getting more and more organic and complexified in texture, more sensible, to emphasize his experience and creative imagination. He still has to experience rejection from the other kids, so the characters remain detailed, but as soon as he arrives in the spices carnival, he dives into his feelings more than ever, and his surroundings become more raw, focusing on sensation and movement, bright colors and strong shapes. The images technically become more abstract, but the importance given to emotions increases, as Neel understands more and more what Dara is explaining to him. 

Which audience is the film aiming at?

We wanted a story that could be felt by the largest possible audience. We choose to address it to different generations, through different levels of understanding. The children can follow Neel's perception and get amazed by how life is diverse. Older ones can perhaps acknowledge the importance of each and every human being. Meanwhile, the parents can think about the necessity of talking about diversity with their kids, helping them understand who they are and how important that is. 

Who are the voice actors ?

Neel's voice is Aarush Chowdhery, he's a bright kid from New York, and Dara's voice, the mom, is Monika Sharma who stays in Mumbai. lt became quite clear during our first storyboard recordings that we had our definite voices for our characters and despite the distance between them, their chemistry and energy was what we wished for our characters. 

The Directors



  • MAGALI DUNYACH  : magali.dunyach@edu.gobelins.fr / @magali_dunyach 
    I am a French visual development artist and character designer, willing to work both in animation cinema and live action. l've developed my interest for cinematography by studying cinema theory in highschool and practicing color and narrative composition ever since. Co-directing Blue Curry with my amazing teammates was the final project of four years of animation Master at Gobelins, and pushes me towards film direction projects. 

  • CHIEN-JU HUNG : chien-ju.hung@edu.gobelins.fr  / https://chienju.pb.style/characterdesignhttps://vimeo.com/chienju  / @asaaa_ 1996 
    I am a life obser ver who wants to visit ail the places on the planet and go skydiving before getting heart disease. 

  • LÉA PIETRZYK   : lea.pietrzyk@edu.gobelins.fr  / www.leanimation.com / @leanimation_ 
    Just Graduated from Gobelins, L'Ecole de l'image, 1 am a 2D Animation Filmmaker, Story Artist and Visual Development Artist. Storytelling is my passion and through the medium of Animation I wish to create films that are universal and have a positive message. My love for Cinema, Music, Science and Nature is the key driving force to my stories. Blue Curry is my Graduation film at Gobelins which I co-directed with my fellow talented teammates and I strive to meet other filmmakers and make more films. 

  • VAJRA PANCHARIA  : vajra.pancharia@edu.gobelins.fr www.vajrapancharia.com  / @pvajra 
    I am an Animation film maker and a storyteller from lndia, Currently a Final year student of Masters in animation at Gobelins, Paris. 1 have been a professional artist and a design educator in lndia for ten years before moving to Paris. Blue Curry is my final year graduation project, a heart warming film created with a beau­tiful team. ln the future I wish to work in Europe and abroad to direct films that are culturally enriching and meaningful. 

  • JIMIN JUNG  : jimin.jung@edu.gobelins.fr  / https://jjiiidol.carbonmade.com/  / @jmiiidol 
    I am a person who is creative and loves having fun. 1 aim to observe the world with an intuitive eye and imagination. Above ail, 1 design characters to capture the moment of their lives and stories. After working as a 2D animator for three years in Korea, 1 am currently a final year student in Gobelins Paris with my amazing team. We have put the things that we love into one film called Blue curry. 



CREATORS/DIRECTORS/ WRITTERS/ANIMATORS : Magali Dunyach, Chien-Ju Hung, Jimin Jung, Vajra Pancharia & Léa Pietrzyk 

VOICES : Monika Sharma & Aarush Chowdhery

FOLEY : Marie Mazière 

MUSIC BY : Antoine Duchêne 

SOUND ENGINEER : Laurent Chassaigne 

SOUND DESIGNER  : Laurent Jimenez 

SOUND MIX : Benjamin Cabaj 

COLORGRADING : David Chantoiseau 

PRODUCTION : GOBELINS l'école de l'image Charlotte Baly, Louise Cardenas & Rebecca De Queiroz 


WITH THE HELP OF : Denisse AGUILAR, Jorge AGUILAR ROJO, Rishabh ARORA, Alessandra DE STEFANO, Joshua FISHER, Matthieu GERAT, Odélia LAINE, Azélie MICHOUX, Alejandra ANGUITA COROSTOLA, Masha MORAN, Saurabh VASHISTHA, Eun YU, Kaye KANG, Jaeseon SEO, Nuli AHN, Chia-Yu LIU, Wei LEE 





Published on 4 October 2021

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