"Close distance": a photo workshop in partnership with Fisheye and Ricoh Imaging

"Close distance": a photo workshop in partnership with Fisheye and Ricoh Imaging

GOBELINS offers students of the Bachelor's degree in photography and videography a workshop on the theme "Close Distance" (Proche distance), in partnership with Fisheye and Ricoh Imaging.

On October 14th, the students were able to discover the Ricoh GR III camera. This presentation launched the workshop, which will last until the end of November.

What about "Close distance"? The students will have to show imagination and get closer to their subject, thanks to the photographic material and techniques. Throughout this workshop, they will follow courses covering the history of photography, technical mastering of the camera body, photo shooting, as well as post-production classes.


Presentation workshop Ricoh


During this period, they will be accompanied in their project by Fabrice Laroche, a teacher at GOBELINS, a passionate about street photography, and a great connoisseur of the famous GR III camera.

"Street photography is one of the major subject that interests the younger generation of photographers today. The partnership with Ricoh seemed natural to us, as the GR III is a camera body particularly adapted for this type of photography. Its size, ergonomics, workflow and speed of execution make it the ideal tool for street photography. (see the GR Concept video) As for Fisheye, we could dream of a better press partner to represent street photography press in France!"


At the end of the workshop, the students will present their project (6 to 12 images) to the members of the jury. 4 winners will be selected and will each receive a subscription to Fisheye magazine, as well as a publication on their social networks.

A real opportunity for these young talents!


Published on 4 November 2020

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