CONTRETEMPS - Graduation short film 2021

CONTRETEMPS - Graduation short film 2021


The Pitch 

Living with OCD, Anna has an organized routine. This balance breaks when her sister forgets a piece of instrument. To bring it back, Anna has to face a world out of her control in which her fears materialize. 


The Film 


Why did we choose to make a movie about OCD  ? 

We initially got curious about OCD, and thought it would make a great film subject as there are visual signs of the disorder. However we quickly realized we had a very stereotypical and shallow idea of OCD ourselves. OCD is often portrayed as a quality, something that will help the character solve a mystery by example, or as a quirky character trait, such as being organized or tidy. From there, we got invested into researching the disorder and learning about it. We wanted to help people learn more about the disorder as well, even if it’s just a little.


How did we research OCD ?

We did a lot of internet research, read a lot of articles, watched interviews and documentaries. We also interviewed three people diagnosed with OCD. The three of them had completely different types of OCD. It made us understand that each person had its own experience with OCD and none of them were alike. They also told us about their coping mechanisms, such as counting, or touching objects to calm themselves down. It was a great source of inspiration and made us want to bring awareness to this disorder even more.


How do we represent OCD in the movie ?

We chose to represent OCD in two ways in the film. Firstly, we have the intrusive thoughts in the form of black and red, very short and aggressive shots interrupting the narration every time Anna is triggered by something.
Secondly, as Anna’s anxiety grows, her obsessions start to take the form of monsters following her, and growing, as she gives in to her compulsions, such as counting, touching objects, following a regular rhythm. 
OCD, like many mental illnesses, is invisible, and hard to understand to an uninformed person, which is why we wanted to make the invisible visible. However, by the end, when she manages to get out of the monsters, the monsters don’t disappear, they just get calmer. There is unfortunately no magic solution to solve something like OCD, it’s something people live with and learn to deal with.


The message 

We want to help bring awareness to OCD and to mental health in general. While OCD has a very specific mechanism, we believe that the anxiety and distress this disorder causes is something we all know and can relate to.


What’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental and behavioral disorder affecting 2.3% of the world population. Most people have a stereotypical idea of what this disorder is, thinking it’s about people being extremely tidy. 

OCD is actually characterized by intrusive thoughts provoking uneasiness, anxiety and distress in the individual. Those thoughts originate from common fears such as fear of death, or loss of a loved one. That’s what we call obsessions. To relieve this uneasiness, the individual is tempted to do a ritual, like washing their hands a lot, aligning objects, and checking something several times. This is what we call compulsions

However, this is a vicious circle, as answering to an obsession with a compulsion only grants temporary relief and actually opens the door to new obsessions, which will lead to more compulsions, and so on. 

A person is considered to have OCD when they lose more than one hour per day because of their obsession/compulsions. OCD exists in different forms, and one individual will most likely have several of those at the same time such as fear of contamination, order and symmetry, excessive checking, and fear of harming. 


The Directors



  • LAURINE BAILLE https://www.instagram.com/laurine_baille/
    After studying comics for three years in Strasbourg, Laurine moved to Paris to try to enter Gobelins. She did a preparatory year in les Atelier de Sèvres and finally landed in Gobelins in 2017. Very interested in character development, she loves all the work made around characters. Now that she’s graduated and after 8 years of studies in art, Laurine wants to create different universes, explore new graphic ones, and maybe in the future, direct movies and tell stories.

  • GABRIEL GERARD : https://www.instagram.com/kwotzal/
    Gabriel completed a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in film and audiovisual studies at Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle. Fascinated by cinema but also by drawing, he finally tried the Gobelins school during his Master's degree after having also considered Louis Lumière and the Fémis. It is directors such as Denis Villeneuve, Nicolas Winding Refn, Satoshi Kon or Takeshi Kitano who make him want to one day be able to direct and create feature film projects. Until then, he wishes to try his hand at visual development and character design in order to participate in the creation of graphic universes.

  • CHLOÉ MAINGE  : https://www.instagram.com/chimikii/
    Interested in all forms of art since childhood, Chloé practices sculpture, carving, painting, sewing and music before choosing to head toward animated filmmaking, which reunites a lot of mediums. After 4 years of study at Gobelins, she would like to keep on directing movies, and creating new graphic universes.

  • LISE LEGIER : https://www.instagram.com/liselegier/
    After studying all over France, looking to hone their skills in animation, Lise finally landed at Gobelins. After graduating, their mind is set : they want to make pictures live, move and swirl. More and more interested in the dynamism of action animation, FX and Japanese animation, Lise wants to keep pushing themself and always progress. And, why not,tell stories too ?
    An avid devourer of stories, in every format, they have a lot of them that live in their head and are what originally pushed them into studying animation : the knowledge that this industry would give them every tool to, someday, tell their own tales.

  • CLAIRE SUN : https://www.instagram.com/lilblueorchy/ / https://lilblueorchid.com
    Claire has studied « Character animation and Animated film-making” at Gobelins from 2017 to 2021. She learned there the basis to the different jobs of the animation pipeline. She particularly resonated with the color line of works, including both visual development and background painting.
    Passionate about painting, Claire loves pleinair painting and has an affinity with traditional painting techniques such as gouache, acrylics and watercolors. She enjoys varying style depending on the projects, and invests a lot of time into researching new subjects. She has a sensibility for subjects relating to mental health, and wishes to keep on spreading awareness with her work.






VOICES : Hélène SIR SENIOR (Anna), Louise LEGENDRE (Maeve)





MIX : Vincent MAUDUIT, Nathan ROBERT

WITH THE HELP OF : Constance BERTOUX, Marie-liesse COUMAU, Magali DUNYACH, Charlie GENMOR, Sandy LACHKAR, Debdut MUKHOPADHYAY, Claire PELLET, Anne-Julie PETIT, Camille VAN DELFT





Published on 27 September 2021

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