Did you know : The 3D Character Animator profession has the wind in its sails!

Did you know : The 3D Character Animator profession has the wind in its sails!

Thanks to a range of 2016 government initiatives to relocate animation production on French territory, vacancies in the animated filmmaking sector are booming.

Generally, the character animators have lately been the most sought after. After all, it’s the animation step which requires the most of skilled workforce when producing an animated film.
A lot of studios are now advertising their vast requirements in terms of recruitment and struggle to form their teams, mostly in the 3D animation projects framework.

During the last ‘Rencontres Animation Formation’ organized in Angoulême by Magelis, recruiters called the schools asking them to train in emergency more young people at specific skills.
Nowadays, the director and artistic director positions attract the most of young students.

The character animator profession has been in a way elusive and remains unfamiliar to the general public. Nevertheless, it possesses a huge creative potential similar to that of an actor in terms of theatrical mastery.

The message of the schools is now to initiate young people to enrol in the RECA’s curricula and prepare specifically for the 3D character animator profession.

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Published on 30 April 2017

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