3D Character Animator - Programme in English

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Animated Filmmaking Programmes

3D Character Animator - Programme in English

1 year full-time (including 2-month internship with a company, in France or abroad)

Target audience

  • An undergraduate degree in the fields of 3D Computer Imagery, or two years of professional experience in these fields
  • No age limit



  • Your skills
  • An open mind and solid general and artistic knowledge
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Good level in English

Tuition fees

Individual funding for European citizen: 8 900 € / CIF or non-European citizen and company sponsorship: 13 100 €

Training validation

Professional certificate - Bachelor Degree 
European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level 6 
Registered at RNCP, officially recognized by the french state at level II

Campus Annecy

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Full time/Continuing education


Building on its experience and its worldwide reputation of excellence in Character Animation, GOBELINS has designed an advanced programme 3D Character Animation.
This course is structured around:

  • Hands-on practical exercises with high level of pedagogical progression to offer students the opportunity to develop their skills to a professional level in directing, movement and acting
  • Conferences by international animation and video game experts
  • Production of an individual demo reel
  • 2-months internship or professional experience accompanied by a written training report
  • A significant emphasis is given to international experiences during the course

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Course contents

  • Acting
  • Bodymechanics
  • Animation styles: from realism to cartoon
  • Character Animation: humans, animals and toons
  • Lipsync
  • 3D Layout
  • The different 3D Animation techniques: methodology and practice
  • Conferences by international animation experts
  • Production of an individual demo reel showcasing the student’s animation skills

Expected jobs

With the course 3D Character Animator - Programme in English, you can become:

Animateur de personnage 3D

L’animateur de personnage 3D est l’animateur des acteurs d’un film d’animation, d’une série.

Il est spécialisé dans le mouvement subtil des personnages, la mainère dont-ils bougent, interagissent, éprouvent des émotions, les transmettent, expriment toute la complexité et la richesse du comportement humain au cœur d’une histoire, d’un jeu, d’une scène de narration

L’animateur de personnage rend visuel avec exactitude et raffinement le comportement de l’acteur à travers son jeu ; à la fois le langage physique, mécanique, les émotions véhiculées, les expressions du visage… : l’être par le mouvement.

Il exprime le non verbal du mouvement du personnage… tout ce qui constitue le jeu subtil et raffiné d’un acteur.

Ce type de savoir-faire est très recherché par les studios d’animation.

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  • opening of applications : November 10th 2018
  • applications close : February 15th 2019


Tests date

  • Technical test: Monday: March 25th 2018
  • Admission interviews: End of march 2019



  • Motivation personal video, demo reel



  • Written entrance exams. 3D Animation test
  • Interview
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