Character animation and animated filmmaking - Bachelor of Arts

Cinéma d'animation

Cinéma d'animation

Character animation and animated filmmaking - Bachelor of Arts

Target audience

Holder of a general, technological or professional high school degree since a maximum of one year

• Graduates of the current year (2020) or the previous year (2019), possibility of derogation on request (see admission procedures)

• Non European students shall be at least 18 for the visa process. Graduates in 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Regular draughtsman showing predispositions to the expression of movement, volume and perspective, creative, capable of imagining graphic worlds and stories, wide openmindedness and good general and artistic culture, aptitude for teamwork and a real motivation for learning animation fi lm techniques, both 2D and 3D. Good level in English.

Tuition fees

8800€ per year for european citizens and 13300€ for noneuropean citizens – Scholarships possibilities (through GOBELINS, Odon Vallet and/or CROUS)

Training validation

Bachelor of Arts (European diploma)

GOBELINS campus Paris - St Marcel

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Relying on its expertise and to meet the needs of professionals, Gobelins now o ers a new 3-year course aimed at encouraging both the direct entry of young French and English-speaking undergraduate students, as well as direct access to the labor market or the pursuit of studies in Master of Arts in character animation.

This new 3-year course enables students to master all traditional and digital animation techniques (2D and 3D), from pre-production to post-production, using professional methods practiced in animation fi lm studios in France and abroad.

Team work plays a major role in the pedagogy implemented.

Course contents


• Anatomical drawing, sketches of living models, perspective, history of animation, fi lm analysis, command of softwares

• Animation drawing: volume construction, sketching, morphology, perspective, image composition, motion analysis

• Character and background design

• Animation: acting analysis, traditional and 2D/3D digital animation

• Direction: cinematographic and dramaturgical language, storyboard, layout, editing

• Colour research and analysis of light and atmosphere

• Techniques specifi c to the 3D pipeline: layout, modeling, rendering

• Collaboration in sound design and discovery of the the sound production pipeline

• Special e ects and compositing

• Scriptwriting, fi lm editing, character defi nition and characterization, graphic and sound design research, storyboard writing

• Compliance with specifications, manufacturing methodology, production planning

• Command of the dynamics of movement, scriptwriting (fi lm writing, imaging, sound), digital tools specifi c to animation (TV Paint, Animate, Première, Photoshop, After E ects, Maya, Storyboarder)

• Command of professional techniques throughout the production pipeline in animation

• Fluent English adapted to the professional environment

An important place is given to the international dimension of the animation industry. During those 3 years, the project teams are often mixed and include students from the French-speaking class.


Production of short fi lms in teams: commissioned fi lms as part of a partnership.


2 mandatory weeks in France or abroad leading to the writing of an internship report.



Admission process:

Shared competitive exam with the GOBELINS Preparatory Year In Animation Pre-selection based on an online graphic portfolio created specifically for this competitive exam (see details on our website Selection after a motivation interview in English.

Opening of admission process:

• 8th November 2019

Closing of admission process:

• 5th March 2020


Tests date

Interview dates:

• From 20th to 30th April 2020

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