Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking - (direct entry in 2nd cycle Master of Arts)

Animated Filmmaking Programmes

Animated Filmmaking Programmes

Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking - (direct entry in 2nd cycle Master of Arts)

2 years, Full-time, In English

Target audience

  • Bachelor in Animation or Animated Filmmaking and/or 3 years of professional experience in the field
  • No age limit


  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Modeling and 3D rendering
  • Design and background, color, storyboard or character design
  • Proficiency in compositing with After effects
  • Animation with TV Paint, Animate, Toon Boom, Maya
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Solid command of English

Tuition fees

8900€ per year for European citizens and 13.500€ for non European citizens
Scholarships opportunities (through GOBELINS, Odon Vallet and/or CROUS)

Training validation

Double Validation:

  • Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education by order of March 15, 2021 (Bac +5)
  • Master of Arts (European diploma)


GOBELINS campus Paris - St Marcel


This two-year course taught in English is designed to enable students to reach a professional level notably in directing and storytelling in a multicultural environment. In addition to exercises in writing, storyboarding and complex animation (mixed techniques, interacting characters), students participate in an open-themed end of studies film in conditions similar to a professional environment.

Course contents



  • Advanced courses in 2D and 3D Character Animation 
  • Scriptwriting and directing, character definition and characterisation, graphic design, sound design, storyboarding
  • Filmmaking: 2D and/or 3D layout, character and background modeling, setup, skinning, rigging, acting, character and special effects animation, rendering, compositing
  • Complying with specifications, choice of production pipeline according to technical and artistic choices, assessing and monitoring production planning
  • Teaching is centered on teamwork

During the course, teams will mix with students from the French Programme in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking.




  • Production, in multicultural groups, of an end-of studies short film
  • Written report on a reflective work related to an experimental project



Opening of admission process: 13th November 2020

Closing of admission process:

  • 1st session: 5th January 2021
  • 2nd session: 25th February 2021
  • 3rd session: 1st April 2021

Tests date

Admission interview:

  • 1st session: 2nd and 3rd February 2021
  • 2nd session: 30th and 31th March 2021
  • 3rd session: 4th, 5th and 6th May 2021


Admission process:

Pre-selection based on demo reel and selection after interview in English



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