GOBELINS, the Beijing Film Academy and Pandanim launch a Franco-Chinese committee to boost animation talent in both countries

GOBELINS, the Beijing Film Academy and Pandanim launch a Franco-Chinese committee to boost animation talent in both countries

During the 2021 Annecy Festival, GOBELINS, the Beijing Film Academy, the leading animation school in China, and Pandanim have launched a committee to exchange best practices in the animation sector between France and China. The objective is to boost educational exchanges, to create double programmes, and to invest in research by creating an incubator for animation projects.

In 2018, GOBELINS and the company Pandanim jointly launched the Animation Talent Booster (ATB) project. Aimed at Chinese students and young professionals, this programme offers training as well as scholarships in the field of animation. Since its creation, more than 193 participants have already taken part in this project, and a scholarship has been awarded to one of them to take part in the GOBELINS short programme in Visual Storytelling.

On June 18, 2021, during the Annecy Festival 2021, the project leaders of the Animation Talent Booster programme and the delegation of the Beijing Film Academy (BFA), met virtually in order to broaden their offer for the animation sector in China. This first meeting paved the way for the first committee to exchange best practices in the animation sector between the two countries.   
This committee aims to enable physical meetings in China between the partners within the framework of the committee, and then to implement cooperation actions in the field of education between the two countries, particularly exchanges for students and teachers. The committee also aims to encourage the creation of dual training and degree programmes, to invest in research and to create an incubator for animation projects for young Chinese and French professionals.


Present at this meeting were : 

The GOBELINS delegation: Cécile Blondel, Director of International Development at GOBELINS, Charlotte SAURAT, Project Manager for International Development at GOBELINS, Catherine RIVOAL, International Project Manager at GOBELINS, David Weiqi MA, Director of PANDANIM production and training company. 

The delegation of Beijing Film Academy: Pr. Sun Lijun, The Vice principal of Beijing Film Academy as well as: Pr.Li Jianping, The Dean of Beijing Film Academy Animation Academy, Pr.Li Ran,The Dean of Beijing Film Academy International Exchange Academy, Pr.Li Liang,The Vice-Dean of Beijing Film Academy Animation Academy, Ms Wang Hao,Beijing Film Academy, Mr Zuo Yan, Beijing Film Academy International Exchange Academy.

The Beijing Film Academy

Beijing Film Academy is the leading public institution for animation in China. Established in 1952, the BFA Animation Institute offers three levels of training: Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate.  The academy trains more than 350 teachers from other national institutions, and its contribution to the development of the animation sector has received several awards from the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. In 2016, BFA launched the innovative ADA Animation Talent project with the participation of GOBELINS on various Bachelor level workshops, before joining the ATB project to launch a new phase of collaboration between the 2 schools. 



Published on 28 June 2021

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