Gobelins , the school of image

A pionner school in the fields of digital communication, interactive design and entertainment

Our professional and personal environments are filled with images. Whatever the media, presentation format, or technology used, images remain above all the creation of specialists responding to the precise needs of companies from every professional sector.

These kinds of future specialists, capable of analysing the demands of the clients and fi nding creative as well as pertinent solutions, are trained in Paris, at GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, one of the schools of the Paris Ile-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The training offered here is done either via full-time coursespart-time apprenticeship schemes, or continuing education programmes for adults in the fields of interactive and digital media, animation, video game, graphic design and printing, photography as well as video, sound and broadcast technology.


To assure the successful training of these specialists, GOBELINS has chosen to :

Maintain a strong relationship with companies

Professionals participate in juries, advisory boards as well as numerous other meetings and events. They offer a high-level quality assurance at GOBELINS by guaranteeing the training corresponds to the needs of the different professional sectors.

The school also maintains constant, productive ties with representative bodies and professional institutions. The many consultants and experts sent by companies teach and advise on projects, reinforcing its strong link with the professional sector.

Focus on innovative pedagogical projects
The guiding principle of the pedagogical choices of the school is to ensure that each student, apprentice, and trainee at GOBELINS receives the instruction needed to acquire solid technical skills as well as a good cultural education. In turn, this will allow graduates to successfully join companies, work on professional projects, and adapt to changes in their future professions.

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