GOLDEN HOUR - Graduation short film 2021

GOLDEN HOUR - Graduation short film 2021


The Pitch 

Filmmaking can sometimes be a very chaotic process. Allie is about to learn it as the director just got one last crazy idea.


The Film  


Where did the story come from ? 

We wanted to make an entertaining, compact film that is high energy, with fast pace action, and a hopeful message. The trope of a chaotic, agitating and wacky high-budget sci-fi movie set is what we come up with as exposition. What better gruelling stage could we find, other than an eccentric demanding director, mad producer, an impossible task in a more impossible deadline?

The romantic golden hour sunlight is grandiose and beautiful, highly anticipated by the director and his artistic pursuit, which we also really enjoy painting as the backdrop of our story. But more importantly, we want the “golden hour” to reflect the personal achievement of our protagonist Allie, who lived the moment. Who is not seen, but powerful.

During our work or personal life, some efforts often seem overlooked. In our film, in the midst of the chaos, no one notices or follows her journey: only the spectators outside the film are aware of her struggle. The bittersweet feeling really hit home for us, so we decided to run with it.


What were the inspirations?

Visually we wanted a retro feeling, strong contrasts to emphasis on the time passing and the sun setting, lots of chaos constantly around our main character to bring the sense of cinema on our frame. We wanted to emphasize how strange and sometimes ridiculous it is working in the art and film industry. We were inspired a lot by the shin-chan’s and Claudio Acciari’s simplified but fun designs, expressive-ness in Masaaki Yuasa’s work and to make the style of our film more simple , humorous and fun.

And of course, we look up at the sky for golden hour moments everyday!


The Directors



Get in touch  



DIRECTORS : Sophie LI, Yan LI, Gabriel REGNIER, Quentin RIGAUX, Adel SABI, Jeremy YE

VOICES : Elise Yu ZHANG, Stephane BOUCHER, Lemmy CONSTANTINE, Yann BEAN, Aimee LA JOIE, Jennifer BELOBI,Youngsun LEE-TUAL




MIX : Mathieu TIGER



ADDITIONAL ANIMATION : Renaud BAI, Nicola BERNARDI, Paul BOUCHART, Axelle BLONDEAU, Hamza BOUAISSI, Vincent CHANSARD, Yingzhong HU, Brian LIM, Adrien VALLADE, Camille VAN DELFT, Elodie XIA, Jingqi ZHANG, Wang YU




Published on 17 September 2021

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