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Can I apply if I am not a Motion Design Specialist?

Yes. The programme is tailor-made for international students coming from various backgrounds, having completed a minimum of 2 years of:

  • study after a baccalaureate [or equivalent],
  • work experience 

in the field of graphic design, audio-visual arts, graphic arts, computer graphics, architecture, and cinema… with a broad general knowledge in visual arts, and a good sense of creativity!

Do I have to provide a diploma or a certificate that testifies my studies or work experience since my baccalaureate [or equivalent]?

Yes, you will need to provide your last diploma/certificate, or proof of your past professional experience.

Do I have to speak French to apply or to follow the course?

No, the course is 100 % taught in English hence a strong level of English is required.

How many students will enter the programme?

25 students seats are available. 

What is the programme duration?

It is a one-year full-time programme from September 2023 - September 2024 including an internship period of 2 months. 

What are the school hours?

Monday to Friday, From 9:30am to 5:30pm, (Including 1h Lunch break). Thursdays afternoons are free. 

How to apply? (Please note that our application platform is in French, so pay attention to the following guidelines)

1- You need to create an online account. 

You receive a confirmation e-mail with your account number. Please check-out your emails and spam box. 

2- Pay the application fees (150 €) and submit the following documents: 

  • Your resume and a cover letter 
  • A valid ID document
  • 3 last school transcripts
  • Your application fees proof of payment
  • Your creative file

If the candidate wishes to declare a disability, please submit an official document - in a single PDF - in the section: “Notification MDPH / RQTH / aménagements obtenus pour les examens antérieurs” 

Is there a specific format for the documents?

Yes, all supporting documents must be uploaded in pdf format, and in separate files, in each specific section (“Envoi de fichiers” / “file sending” section).

You should include a cover page as the first page of your graphic file that indicates your SURNAME before your first name, followed by your applicant number on the top right corner.

You will receive a message “files are uploaded” confirming the files have been successfully sent to the school.

Please note that the file will be deleted if your application contains a missing or incorrect document. You will then be invited to upload the required piece again.

What shall the creative file include?

The candidate’s portfolio shall demonstrate the student’s strengths and showcase a multiplicity of styles, and techniques. The creative file shall present a selection of your best productions in the field of Graphic Design, captured by reprography or screenshot and briefly argued.

It is limited to 30 pages maximum and may include:

  • Illustration works, 
  • Graphic design productions - such as editorials, messages... 
  • Film or video production, or film or video designs/conceptions - presented in the form of a Storyboard, movie shots, or research. 

To strengthen your application do not hesitate to include any other art production: sound design, photos, painting, architecture work etc…
Important detail: the student’s name and account number must be written on the first page.

How does the recruitment process work?

It is a 2-round recruitment process with a pre-selection followed by a selection.

  • [1st round/Pre-selection]: Based on Student’s file. Admissible students will be invited to the 2nd round.
  • [2nd round/Selection]: Oral Admission interviews will take place via video conference in English, first for 30 minutes, the interview will be centred on your graphic production and motivation. Your English language ability will also be assessed through a 15 minutes interview on a given topic (20 minutes of preparation).

When will I be notified if I have been admissible?

The Admissibility results will be published on our website TBD. Unsuccessful candidates will be put on a waiting list.

What are the selection criteria?

While the pre-selection is based on the graphic file, the selection is based on the oral interview. The interview will evaluate the applicant’s background, motivation and future career project. During the oral interview, applicants will have to present the original uploaded works.

The presentation and format are free. The applicant can also present digital productions.

The evaluation includes the following criteria: Creativity, drawing, design, storytelling, graphic illustration, layout and typography skills.

In case of admissibility, when will the oral interview take place?

The interview dates will be scheduled TBD

When are the final results be published?

GOBELINS will publish the admission results on the website in June 2023. Exact date TBD.

Is it necessary to take an English proficiency test?

It is not necessary, as the oral interview will assess your English level.

What is the deadline for application?

  • 1st session : Thursday, March 9, 2023
  • 2nd session : Thursday, April 27, 2023

Are there any scholarships for students with limited financial capacity?

You can refer to our webpage that lists all available scholarships.

Please note that scholarships are usually available to students once they are admitted to our programme. Should your studies be supported by a scholarship, funds may only be available after the admission process. Students will therefore have to advance the payment of tuition fees, before receiving the financial aid.

What is the monthly Estimate cost of living in Paris?

To help you plan your finances in order to study efficiently at GOBELINS, here are some estimates of a student’s budget in Paris:
The average monthly rent in Paris is 800 € for a furnished studio, on the private market.

Students ‘residences offer rooms at 550 € / month all included

It is important to know that international students are entitled to apply for the French government housing benefit called CAF (it may cover up to 100 / 150 euros of your monthly rent).

The monthly budget for food, local transport*, phone, activities is about 400 €.

*A yearly Navigo Pass costs 350 €/for under 26 y.o

Will I receive help to prepare for my arrival?

Our international department provides information and support to international students as effectively as possible in order to facilitate their settling in Paris. Students will receive free and personalised assistance, including assistance for the implementation of health coverage, advices on home search, assistance in opening a bank account…

Will I have French as a Foreign Language lessons to facilitate my life in France?

This programme does not include French lessons as a foreign language, but you will have the opportunity to enrol in optional free activities offered by the school such as “Les Jeudi creatifs” - every Thursday afternoon - including film screenings and talks on various cultural subjects, allowing to interact in French and getting familiar with the language.

Here is a selection of certified organizations that offer French courses

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