• Non-EU students under 28
    Students under the age of 28 from outside the EU are required to take out French student medical insurance, referred to as ‘Sécurité Sociale’ (Social Security). This entitles all students to a reimbursement of medical expenses of up to 70% although. Coverage for one year is 211 € (correct as of 2013-2014) which may be paid in three instalments, one at the date of signing and two in the following two months. To find out more about this social security for foreign students, please visit
    This leaves 30 % of the cover to pay. If you would like full cover, it is possible to take out a separate insurance to cover this extra 30%. This way, if you require medical attention, all expenses shall be covered. This insurance is provided privately by firms called “mutuelles” such as LMDE.
  • EU students under 28
    If you are a student and come from an EEA member state or Switzerland, you are not required to register with the student social security scheme on the condition that you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which has been issued in your country and is valid for the period of your study. You must register with the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) closest to your place of residence and present your EHIC card.
  • Students over 28
    If you are student over the age of 28, you are not eligible to student social security due to your age. You must register with the general social security scheme at the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) closest to your place of residence.



Insurance is a legal requirement for homes whether rented or owned. All home insurance policies in France are comprehensive and cover any damage to your home and contents, such as fire, water damage, theft and vandalism. In addition, any risk of damage that an accident at your home might cause to somebody else’s residence will be included. For example you will be covered if a leak from your bathtub affects the ceiling of the person living below you.
You will be asked questions about the property, including the number of square meters and the number of rooms, but most companies will not need to visit the property before offering you a quote.
Be sure to ask any potential landlords about insurance when looking for accommodation, they may be able to help you or may include it in your monthly rent.
Internet searches will uncover various insurance companies. As well as this many banks will offer insurance. Generally they all cover similar things (being comprehensive) and therefore it is mainly the prices that are likely to differ.

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