Metamorphosis : The material at the heart of the imagination of the photographic students of GOBELINS

Metamorphosis : The material at the heart of the imagination of the photographic students of GOBELINS

To interpret mythology, to touch the fantastic, to use the strangeness, to suggest the transmutation ... The students photographers of GOBELINS relied on several techniques (shifts, illusions, trompe l'oeil), used the photography and the video distinguishing The white, the black and the color to lead to an exciting project on the material Leather "Metamorphosis".

For its Spring-Summer 2018 edition, the Première Vision Leather show gave the students of the Photographic section of the Gobelins school of image carte blanche around the theme of Metamorphosis.
17 students responded with passion and talent by integrating the various constraints imposed on them.

We invite you to discover their work, projected onto giant screens, to Première Vision Leather, from 7th to 9th February 2017- Paris Nord Villepinte, Hall 3

Students : Ella BATS, Clara BELLEVILLE, Agathe BEYRIEUX, Romain BOÉ, Corentin BUREAU, Adeline CARRÈRE, Sarah COUTURIER, Marie-Pierre DURAND, Emeline ETENEAU, Vincent GIRARDOT, Alyssa HEUZE, Marion MAIMON, Charlotte MANO, Audrey MARCHAND, Léonard MÉCHINEAU, Sacha MONGIN, Hugo SIBUT-PINOTE
Artistique direction : CLaude VUILLERMET - agence Polyphème
Scenography and production : Atelier Iconogène
Coordination : Jérôme JEHEL, Françoise AGNELOT, Bénédicte BAILLY, François DEMAY, Nathalie DUPUIT et Olivier MAUFFREY



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Published on 11 January 2017

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