GOBELINS and NETFLIX celebrate 5 years of partnership for diversity in the animation industry!

Committed to the emergence of new talent in animation, NETFLIX has been supporting the GOBELINS Paris Equal Opportunity Programme for 5 years.

The promotion of diversity is at the heart of the actions of this partnership, with a particular focus, this year, on women's access to animation professions.

NETFLIX animation

Since 2019, 13 African students from Ghana, Ethiopia, Benin, Uganda, Lesotho and South Africa have benefited from the NETFLIX scholarship.

In 2023, 6 scholarships covering tuition fees and living expenses will be allocated to African students entering the Master of Arts in Animation.

« We have decided to continue this partnership in the long term. We are driven by the same conviction: diversity enhances creativity. »
Lorraine Sullivan, Talent Development Manager for NETFLIX France

Committed to helping these young talents, NETFLIX has integrated them into its professional integration program, to give them access to potential job opportunities on NETFLIX productions.

The culture of diversity is at the heart of GOBELINS Paris' DNA: in terms of profiles (technical, artistic), career paths (initial training, continuing education, apprenticeship, Summer School, online courses), nationalities (15% of students are international), social origins (25% French scholarship holders and 33% international scholarship holders), gender (53% of students are women), age (from high school graduation to continuing education).

« Diversity rhymes with excellence. What better recognition than the wonderful news of the 2023 Annie Awards selection of "The Soloists", one of 2021 graduation films. Three of the student directors are NETFLIX scholarship holders, including two young female artists. »
Erik Anspach, Managing Director of GOBELINS Paris

News published on February 20, 2023