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GOBELINS, l’école de l’image becomes GOBELINS Paris

GOBELINS is proud to announce the launch of its new brand, GOBELINS Paris.

The new rebranding strategy of GOBELINS reinforces its brand identity and asserts its positioning. 



GOBELINS enjoys an exceptional reputation: 1st school in the world in animation film, French Excellence Award, N°1 in UX design... a network of alumni known and recognized throughout the world... ambassador of French know-how in its fields of excellence: animation film, photography/video, interactive design, video games, graphic design/motion design, print and multi-media communication.


"Our ambition today is to refocus the brand around creativity and creation, the heart of GOBELINS Paris' historical training programs and its future, to consolidate our position as a reference among the leaders in our various fields of expertise, and to make our international visibility and recognition a strategic lever," said Erik Anspach, Managing Director of GOBELINS Paris. 


The emblem of the GOBELINS logo, created in June 1990 and known, recognized, diverted with talent by the school's students and renowned graphic designers, remains! The word PARIS has become a constituent element of the brand, a reference that evokes for an international target audience: 

  •  the French touch, French excellence.
  • culture, creation, heritage and modernity.
  • The Paris of the Makers. 

The symbolism of black and white inspired the graphic design: the sober and refined black typographic design uses codes that are fully in line with the world of cultural and creative industries. Black has a sophisticated, impenetrable and timeless side that is associated with the fields of design, cinema, art and photography.  

News published on November 07, 2022