The school

GOBELINS x Hyper Island : an international workshop for motion designers

The students of the Bachelor Graphic motion designer participated in a 3-day workshop with the students of the Swedish school Hyper Island.

For the students of both schools, this "animation jam" aimed to get to know each other and work together, to become familiar with intercultural teamwork, and to build the foundations of a solid collaborative learning environment. 

Using a method built around 6 behavioral models, the teams were able to define the structure, direction and first steps of the project. Objective: to produce a 30-second video on the theme: "We love movies".



The pitch

In 2022, cinema attendance is still not as high as before the covid-19 pandemic. For example, in France attendance is down 30% compared to 2019. In Sweden, attendance is down 54% compared to 2019.

This is a situation that worries some film professionals and future animators like you. There are several reasons for this: a loss of habit, a ticket price that seems too expensive, a preference for other media such as platforms in particular, a disinterest in the films offered.

The students had to make short videos to help theaters find their audience or reach new ones.

Some films from the workshop

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News published on January 17, 2023