The Gotham Group, new partner of GOBELINS Paris

The Gotham Group, a renowned entertainment management and production company, and GOBELINS Paris, France’s top animation school, announce a strategic partnership that will drive innovation and cultivate talent in the dynamic world of animated entertainment.

This groundbreaking collaboration combines the expertise and resources of two powerhouses in the industry, creating a unique platform to nurture aspiring artists, storytellers, and creators. The partnership aims to foster creativity, knowledge exchange and innovative collaborations, providing unparalleled opportunities for students, professionals, and the entertainment community.

Gotham Group

« This is an opportunity to mentor and support the next generation of creative visionaries. We believe in the power of storytelling and fostering diverse voices and perspectives in the entertainment industry. »

Ellen Goldsmith-Vein
Founder & CEO of The Gotham Group

« By working together, we can bridge the gap between education and industry, providing unparalleled opportunity and growth. We look forward to cultivating a vibrant community of storytellers who will shape the future of entertainment. »

John Coven
Director of the Department of Animated Film

The Gotham Group, known for discovering and developing the animation industry’s exceptional creatives, has consistently produced captivating content across film, television, animation, and digital media. By partnering with GOBELINS Paris, an institution renowned for its excellence in animation and visual arts education, The Gotham Group aims to expand its creative footprint and lean further into this fresh and exciting pool of emerging European talent.

GOBELINS Paris, with its rich history of nurturing visionary artists, boasts an extensive alumni network comprising industry leaders and pioneers. The school's commitment to innovation and artistic exploration aligns perfectly with The Gotham Group's vision, making this partnership a natural for both organizations. With this collaboration, GOBELINS Paris can provide its students with invaluable industry exposure and enhance their professional prospects.

The Gotham Group and GOBELINS Paris will embark on various initiatives, including workshops, seminars, mentorship programs, and co-development opportunities. These programs will enable students to engage with industry professionals, gain insights into the creative process, and develop crucial skills needed for success in the competitive entertainment landscape.

The partnership will foster cross-cultural exchange, facilitating the exploration of different perspectives and storytelling techniques. By combining the strengths of American and French entertainment industries, the collaboration will create content that resonates with global audiences and pushes the boundaries of artistic expression.

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News published on June 13, 2024