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Discover the short animated sequences created by our students for the Annecy Festival

Follow the Annecy International Animation Festival, and discover the short animated sequences created by our Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking students.

A year full of flamboyant colours on the theme of Portugal!



What is life without friendship? The threads of our lovers’ handkerchief bring to life the Portuguese tradition and tie the bond between two best friends. Peak with us into what makes up a connection between two little girls.

Directors: Stasa RAKOCEVIC, Alexandra RAJEVA, Ines RIVERA CRUZ, Pauline GAUTSCHI / Music: Thibault DUCLOS MALIDOR / Post Production & Mix: Karim LEKEHAL


On the hilly lands of Portugal, a fire breaks out. Right after the blaze come the ashes, and following the ashes, the forest begins its rebirth.

Directors: Line DEBARD, Félix VANOT, Théophile BALLAND, Madeleine REIMERS, Jeanne BRESSAND / Music: Vivian STALON


In the heart of the Douro Valley, the sun still illuminates the last gestures of the grape harvesters. The abundant nature sees the children wandering around, the landscapes change over the hours but already, a light wind lets herald the end of the holiday.

Réalisateurs : Jeanne CASSIER, Adeline PERRIGAULT, Clément ROUSSIN, Maxence CUQ, Corentin HERUBEL, Manon TSUKUI / Musique : Mickaël ROUSSIN / Sound Design : Yoann ROUSSIN / Post Production & Mix : Gling-Glang Studio


On a cork oak farm deep in the village of Aldeia Velha, the warm Portuguese sun beams down on the white walls of a family home. The white walls of a family home. Life is sweet here for these cherish these moments spent together. On this special day, the youngest daughter plants a cork oak shoot in their garden. She places symbolic objects in the ground inherited from each of her relatives.

Directors: Andrea CHARRA, Alexandre BOUTIER, Charlotte PORTAIS, Charlotte CASTAING, Maria CHELADZE / Sound Design: Karim LEKEHAL / Post Production & Mix: Gling-Glang Studio / Voix: Mariana FERREIRA / Producer : GOBELINS Paris


The sea can be many things; provider of food and work, playmate or harbinger of death. Set in the 1950s in the fishing town of Nazare, the ocean takes different shapes as it interacts with each member of a small family.

Directors: Andrea PATKOVA, Arthur ALBUQUERQUE, Rita FONSECA, Milos PERKUHN, Apolline BRETON, Kalina KOLEVA / Music: Sam TRANCHET / Post Production & Mix: Karim LEKEHAL


It is cold and dark. In between surreal waves and the morning haze, we catch a glimpse of the emerging glows. The sea breeze wiggles and writhes, twisting and turning, embracing the shore under its steady growl. And on the sand, a young man stares into the far end of the ocean.

Directors: Lucas PARTISETI, Hector LOLLIER, Hélène KSIEZAK, Soomi WONGPRASOBCHAI, Thierry AGBOGBA / Music: "Petite Suite : VII. Nocturne Andantino" / Composer: Alexandre BORODINE / Arrangement and Interpretation: Phillipe JEANDRON / Record: Thimothé MAGIS & Dante Oliveira E. COSTA


A young woman opens an old family cookbook. From the pages appear miniature nuns in pop-up illustrations. The nuns come to life, jumping out of the book, and help the woman prepare convent sweets recipe for her bakery.

Réalisateurs : Santiago AREAN, Salma MALLIK, Tereza DOSTALOVA, Edmonde FASSOLA, Emeline POMMERY, Alexane PIERROT-ZAGO / Musique : Thibault Malidor / Production & Mix : Gling-Glang Studio


The sun rises in the city of Lisbon, the morning after its biggest festival, Santo Antonio. As the citizens wake up and start their day, the decorations from the party come to life to leave the city.

Directors: Xinrou ZHOU , Louise TRICHET, Cassiopée MELERO, Morgane FRAUDEAU, Cléo DE LASTEYRIE, Juliette DIVOL / Music: Thibault DUCLOS & Esteban TRAUTMANN / Guitariste: Hugo DETHUMEAU /Post Production & Mix: Karim LEKEHAL


A warm summer day, bread and wine on the table, it's a portuguese house.

Directors: Finn FALK, Bea SANGUINO FERNÁNDEZ, Thet CHAL, Jennifer SHI, Akin ADUNIYI, Calixte CHATEAU / Music: Dorian ALLALI / Post Production & Mix: Karime LEKEHAL


Lisbon, 1980, the city, the intensity, the chaos, the noise, the crowd. Overwhelmed by the commotion, a young woman sets off in search of peace in the palace gardens of Sintra. Her red umbrella glides across the pearly whiteness of the rising mist.

Directors: Konstantin DEFRANCE, Jasmine LE GALL ROUSSET, Auguste VINCENT, Loona METS, Eylül KULELI, Constantijn VAN ZWET / Music: Novak DEFRANCE

News published on June 21, 2024