Our 100% online course in Visual Storytelling is coming soon!

Our 100% online course in Visual Storytelling is coming soon!

Discover our 100% online course

GOBELINS has decided to propose a 100% online edition of the Visual Storytelling Summer School from 2nd to 13th November 2020!

Building on the strength of 40-years teaching experience in animated storytelling, GOBELINS has developed an online course for advanced-level students and young professionals of all nationalities (available in English, Spanish, and French) to help them better understand the creative process, the structure and the presentation of visual storytelling.

The objective is to help you develop your personal project for cinema, television, animation, comic book, video games, or even illustration, while focusing on the art of combining story and image. You can also learn to make a professional presentation for your portfolio and add new skills to your career!

The programme has been completely redesigned for online education and built for anyone wishing to improve their writing capacity, to make their original project grow, and to learn to tell their own stories thanks to a written and an oral presentation - also called “portfolio” and “pitch”.

The programme will combine conferences with professionals and individual coaching sessions. This is a unique opportunity to make your project grow or to plan a career within the story department of a studio, for example!


The programme

  • Story structure
  • How to improve your story
  • Follow intuition and break the rules for amazing visual stories
  • Visual research and world building
  • Understand what a producer wants to hear
  • Make a portfolio for the professionals
  • Create a visual presentation
  • Improve your public speaking and operational skills.



Discover our coaches


The coach list is not yet definitive and other professionals will join us!

To facilitate time difference issues, all conferences will be recorded and accessible for participants who cannot attend. Q&A sessions will then be organised with the teachers corresponding to convenient time zones. Sessions with tutors can either be scheduled according to the detailed programme or upon appointment with your tutor. You can choose a tutor who will communicate with you either in English, Spanish or French.

At the end of classes, participants will receive an official GOBELINS certificate.

Price: 1,500 €  Taxes included (60% of time dedicated to conferences and 40% to coaching)


How to apply?

Inscriptions are closed!

For more information on our next sessions or any questions you may have on the programme, feel free to contact us at



Published on 3 June 2020

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