A pedagogy connected to professionnal realities

A pedagogy connected to professionnal realities

GOBELINS is unique in its pedagogical approach, which integrates a triple dimension: creative, technical and professional.

If creative and cultural education is very present in our pedagogy, it always fits into a professional context, enabling students to stretch their limits both creatively and technically and allowing them to be ahead of the requirements of the industry.

Our programmes focus on innovative pedagogical projects. Through teamwork, workshops, project-based courses, tutoring and self-training with specialised resources, interdepartmental projects and collaboration, professional assignments commissioned by a client designed and developed to become a business tool, final projects presented in exhibitions, publications and international festivals.

We maintain a strong relationship with the industry. Professionals participate in juries, advisory boards as well as numerous other meetings and events. They offer a high-level quality assurance at GOBELINS by guaranteeing the training corresponds to the needs of the different professional sectors. The school also maintains constant, productive ties with representative bodies and professional institutions. The many consultants and experts sent by companies to teach and advise on projects reinforce its strong link with the professional sector.

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