Benjamin EFRATI


After graduating from Beaux-Arts de Paris as a multimedia artist in 2013, Benjamin Efrati started a career in film score composition and sound design (The Adventures of Candide, Zsuzsuanna Kreif, 2017 ; The Fall of Rome, Balazs Turai, 2018 ; The New Kid, Arnaud Dezoteux 2020). As a multimedia artist, he produced animation shorts (Gugus Claclé, 2013 ; The Bible of Xenoxenism, 2017), radio shows (Comment fabriquer un Gugusophone, France Culture, 2016) and performances (L'Expérience Statistique, FIAC 2015 ; Xenoxenism Bus Tours, Galleria Continua, 2016 ; The Gnozo Show, La Panacée, 2018). He is currently working on interactive installations and artgame projects.

Benjamin teaches in the following programme