I'll be giving the small course in Taiqi, bodymind awareness, during the Online summer school in 2D Animation. The aim is to give you some experience in “mind in stillness, body in action”. It is like a moving meditation. The practices will relax your body and (hopefully) quieten your mind. The body becomes more natural….. like this…..can become one with the “song of joy of creation”, or one in the “Great Dance”of the Tao (‘Taiqi’ means ‘Great Dance’). I will show you what are the yin and the yang, and the wuqi and the taiqi. Or, more prosaically, it is a practice that develops coordination of the body, balance, etc. We learn to be more present in the body and to notice our tensions and even how to let them go! Exercises that you will be able to use afterwards to wake up your body and feel more alive.

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