Animation Supervisor

After backpacking during a year in Australia and studying animation on-line at the same time, Samy came back in France in 2006 and started his first job in animation at Teamto on the TV show « Zoe Kezako », then got an opportunity to work in Luxembourg on the movie « 9 » for Attitude Studio. After that, desiring to keep travelling, he moved to London where he worked for Framestore on « Narnia 2: Prince Caspian », « The Tale of Despereaux », « Where the Wild Things Are » and « Avatar », then went to Double Negative where he worked on « Ironman 2 », « Sorcerer’s Apprentice » and the « Harry Potter: Deathly Hallow Part 1&2 ». Wanting some changes he then worked a few months at The Mill on commercials. Still desiring to travel more and work again on animated feature films, he went to Spain at Kandor Graphics as a Lead Animator on « Justin and the Knights of Valor », and spent the last 3 years in India, where he worked as a Lead Animator on the Octopus Henchmen on « The Penguins of Madagascar » for Dreamworks Animation. Samy has been teaching for 6 years now, and during his stay in London, he created a monthly animation event still running, called « Bring Your Own Animation » in London , which also exist in Paris, where animators can get feedback, socialise and share their passion around a pint.