Yoshimichi TAMURA


After highschool, Yoshi studied animation in the CFT GOBELINS. He started at Disney in 1991, in France, participated to several TVseries as Gooftroop, and specials as Winnie the pooh and the christmas tree. He animated for Disney mostly for feature animation: Goofy Movie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tarzan and Atlantis. In 2002 he joined the DREAMWORKS SKG Studio crew in LA, and participated to movies such as Sinbad and the 7 seas. He learned 3D animation and worked on Sharktale, Flushed Away and Over the Edge. After 4 years in LA, Yoshi spent his time on different projects as character designer, storyboard artist, and supervising or directing animation. He participated at least to 18 features (the last one was KLAUS), and several different series and commercials as director, storyboard artist or consultant.