REST IN PEACE - Graduation short film 2021

REST IN PEACE - Graduation short film 2021

The Pitch

After a tragic incident strikes a happy town, their beloved governor knows just how to fix it.

The Film 


What are your visual inspirations ?

We were inspired mainly by German Expressionism- especially The Cabinet of Dr.Caligiri, Der Golem and also media like Coraline, Nightmare before Christmas and Over the Garden Wall


How did you come up with the story and the visuals ?

For our graduation film we wanted to make something that all of us in the team could connect with but also have a lot of fun making it. After a lot of talking we decided that we wanted to criticize politicians and their absurd and cruel way of running countries. Taking inspiration from the different presidents and governors from our own countries, we came up with this story. Fooling people , distracting them with things that don't matter, and ignoring the important ones. Creating problems instead of solutions and in the worst cases, killing their own citizens. With some comedic dialogues and behaviours, we want to give a cynical tone that will carry on even after the shocking scene of The Devil’s revelation. We decided to show the story from the perspective of the Politician to play with the audience expectation the same it happens in real life. We wanted to create a light whimsical atmosphere that contrasted with the dark reveal of the story. So we looked at a lot of art from children's books, vintage art and finally decided on German Expression as the main inspiration. We really liked the set design of the films with the twisted shapes and perspective that gave everything a slightly sinister tone.


Did each person take care of one sequence ?

We helped each other in finishing all the shots except the final reveal and transformation of the main character was mostly handled by Karien Benz and the opening sequence by Eden Chan.


How did you come up with the music ?

In the beginning we weren’t exactly sure of the type of music we wanted but we had references of movies like Coraline and Nightmare before Christmas for inspiration. We knew it had to enhance the dual nature of the atmosphere in the film – the idyllic town vs. the dark truth. Our producers and composer Arthur Darraine had some unique suggestions that we were all open to and in the end Arthur came up with something very fun and different.


How did you manage the artistic choices as a team ?

We made our choices by talking a lot about it. We all wanted to tell the story in the best way possible so we were very flexible in trying out different options but also firm when we thought something wasn’t working. We pushed forward and finally came to a place where we were happy of how the film was looking.



The Directors




  • APARNA HEGDE  : aparna.hedge@edu.gobelins.fr
    From Bengaluru in south India, Aparna always had a great passion for stories and storytelling. She is interested in using animation to find unique ways to tell stories

  • DEBORAH BALBOA : deborah.balboa-juarez@edu.gobelins.fr
    Born and raised in Mexico, Deborah Balboa is a Concept Artist and storyteller based in Paris. With a strong influence in mexican culture which has shaped their love for color and characters in all stories they have come across. Holder of a MA from France Gobelins l'école de l’image

  • KAI-HSUN CHAN (EDEN) : edenboy.23@gmail.com
    Eden (Kai-Hsun) Chan is a Paris-based Taiwanese artist. He graduated from Gobelins, L'école de l'image in 2021 and is interested in working on 2D animation, storyboarding or compositing. His work "What A Peaceful Day" has won the “Junior Jury Award for a Graduation Film” in 2017 Annecy International Animation Film Festival. He also worked as a 2D animator for a Taiwanese feature animated film "On Happiness Road" in 2016. 

  • KARIEN BENZ  : catherine.benz@edu.gobelins.fr
    Karien Benz is an animator and storycreator from Cape Town, South Africa. Starting her career as an animator for the charming BBC films "Zog" and "Snail and the Whale", she entered the MA programme at Gobelins l'ecole to hone her sense of artistic vision and filmmaking in an international space, always looking for new ways to connect people, across all borders, through unique characters and adventures. 

  • YUK YAN TSOI (Sally) : tsoiyllas216@gmail.com
    Yuk Yan TSOI is a Hong Kong artist living in Paris now. Having a great passion for traditional art and storytelling, she started working in the creative industry as a visual development and background artist. She believes a good story can touch people's hearts and change the world.




VOICES : Governor – Tom MORTON / Female Protester – Anna BRISBIN / Male Protester – Valentin MAUPIN / Baker – Xavier COULEAU / Bun Woman – Rosa CADIMA

MUSIC : Arthur DAIRAINE Régis CAMPO Anne d’Anterroches - Walt


SOUND Design : Laurent JIMENEZ


Published on 14 October 2021

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