STREET ART EXHIBITION [ENTRE DEUX] : an immersive experience unique in urban art

STREET ART EXHIBITION [ENTRE DEUX] : an immersive experience unique in urban art

GOBELINS creates the event with a street art inspired exhibition entitled "Entre deux", from April 18th to May 5th, 2017.


Our ambition is to show the visionary capacity of the new generations and their ability to create bridges between creativity and technology around the theme of the city of tomorrow.

18 renowned street art artists answered to GOBELINS' call to invest the school's building by creating artworks that express their plastic vision of the in between.
To discover : original artworks of Codex Urbanus, Croce, Dugudus, Ender, JB, Jef Aérosol, Jo Di Bona, Levalet, Le Cyklop, Madame, Mosko, Mg La Bomba, Mr Pee, Némi uhu, R2Rien, Thom Thom, See and Shaka

For young talents from GOBELINS, it will be a unique opportunity to express their creativity and their mastery of technology with a scenography that will offer visitors an increased experience, even immersive, thanks to:
  • A dedicated application allowing to increase the visitors experience who will be able to discover a hidden message of each street artist.
  • The innovative and playful "point-to-point" system set up by Interactive Design Bachelor students that will allow the public to create his own artwork in light painting.
  • A creative and connected wall "Digital Graffiti" open to all budding artists!

Around this exhibition, the Bachelor Degree in Communication and Graphic Design students set up an original communication system, in particular:

  • Original creation of the exhibition's visual identity on all communication media.
  • Installation of an expression wall which invites people to express themselves on the theme "Me Citizen...", a topical subject between these two rounds of the French presidential elections.

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ENGIE, DELL & INTEL - Actors committed to societal issues such as the city of tomorrow and innovation - wished to be associated with the event.

Logo ENGIE, partenaire de l'exposition street art de GOBELINS [entre deux]

Logo DELL INTEL, partenaire de l'exposition street art de GOBELINS [entre deux] 



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Published on 20 March 2017

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