The Summer School comes alives at GOBELINS!

The Summer School comes alives at GOBELINS!

Two weeks to learn character animation… Workshops, conferences and personal work punctuate this 10th edition!

57 participants from all over the world (South Africa, Algeria, Ecuador, Iran, Italy, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, the UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, the USA, Russia…) were welcomed this Monday, July 4th by Cécile BLONDEL, Head of International Relations. Kyle BALDA, co-director of Minions, then opened the 10th Summer School by hosting the first conference.

The schedule is busy and the level is high! During two weeks, the students will learn and practice the different techniques of animation (traditional, digital and 3D animation).

The mornings are punctuated by conferences on the following themes: “Facing a shot, how do I star?” (Florent de la Taille); “2D and 3D methodology” (Florent de la taille and Yoshimichi Tamura); « Character analysis » (Yoshimichi Tamura); « How to think simple using overlap technics » (Antoine Antin); “Initiation of movement” (Antoine Antin) and “What’s next?” (Samy Fecih).

The afternoons are reserved for workshops, including an acting course, “Acting for Animators”, conducted by Robert W. Bennett and practice workshops where students realize projects under the earnest advice of Samy Fecih, Olivier Dusart and Uriel Mimran.

At the end of this Summer course, students’ works are screened to the whole group and certificates of achievement are issued to the participants.

This adventure is also an opportunity for them to discover the treasures of Paris: museums, exhibitions, art galleries, theaters; architecture…

The 2016 promotion has created a strong group cohesion and a beautiful complicity. It’s in this friendly atmosphere that everyone will come out enriched by this unique experience and by the links that were tied around a common passion: animated filmmaking!



Published on 13 July 2016

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