As with any large city, Paris offers numerous ways of getting around. The main ones are the Metro, buses, the RER, the Velib system and walking.
Being fairly central, Gobelins can be accessed by many of these.
In terms of tickets for public transport (Metro, RER, Buses and Trams), there is a choice to made; you can either use standard ‘T+’ Tickets or a Navigo Pass. This all depends on how much travelling you shall be doing.

T+ Tickets :
One T+ ticket corresponds to one journey made on public transport, including transfers between the Metro and RER networks. You will, however, need to use a separate ticket if transferring to buses or trams.
These tickets are priced at :
1 ticket: €1.80
10 tickets (carnet): €14.10

Navigo Pass :
A Navigo Pass gives you access to all public transport in the Paris area. Prices for a Navigo Pass start at €7 for a day, €18.45 for a week and €60.70 for a month.

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Nearest Metro Stations :

  • Les Gobelins Line 7 (140 metres, 2 minutes walk)
  • Campo Formio Line 5 (650 metres, 7 minutes walk)
  • Saint-Marcel Line 5 (750 metres , 9 minutes walk)
  • Place d’Italie Lines 5 & 6 (800 metres, 11 minutes walk)

Gobelins, l’école de l’image is served by the following buses :

  • Les Gobelins  91 83 27 47
  • Place d’Italie  27 47 57 64 67 83
  • Saint Marcel  57 91



Vélib’ is the biggest bike-sharing system in the world, ran by the Paris Town Hall since 2007. With over 20,000 bikes covering the city, available 24/7 all year long at 1,800 bike stations located every 300 metres, Vélib’ offers you an alternative way to get around Paris.

There are different tariffs available:

  • Vélib’ Classic:  €29 for a year. You can use the Velib’ as often as you like. The first 30 minutes of each trip are free of charge.
  • Vélib’ Passion: €39 for a year. You can use the Velib’ as often as you like. The first 45 minutes of each trip are free of charge.
  • Velib’ Passion for 14-26 years old:  €29 for a year, you will have all the benefits of Vélib’ Passion. This will be relevant to most students at GOBELINS, l’école de l’image.

It is worth checking the Vélib’ website as you may be entitled to lower tariffs if for example you receive a student scholarship.

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