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Proof of accommodation (rental agreement, hotel reservation…) will be needed to support your application for a student visa, so we advise you to secure a place where to stay as soon as possible.

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Average rental prices per month in Paris and Annecy

€650 to €1100
Studio for a single
€500 to €850
Shared Apartment
€350 to €700
Home staying

+ charges:  water, gas/electricity, mandatory home insurance, and dwelling tax (to be paid yearly)

Cost of living in Paris and Annecy:  around 1000€/month, all included.

Ways to find an accommodation in France

1. GOBELINS’ accommodation platform

Looking for a place to live? Use our online housing platform. 

In partnership with Studapart, access hundreds of exclusive offers for periods of 1 to 24 months near your campus but also throughout France during your search for internship: studios, flatshares, rooms in private homes... and benefit from a personalized support throughout your rental! 

From the rental file to the reservation of the accommodation, all the steps are done online. The rental file is simplified and in 100% digital format. You can also benefit from services after your reservation, such as home insurance. 

  • Exclusive offers to students of Gobelins
  • Verified ads and secure payment 
  • Simplified rental file & 100% online procedures

To get started, click on the tenant space and create an account on our platform!

GOBELINS’ accommodation platform

Access to the platform

Go on the platform (link above) and click on "Tenant space" then on "sign up"

Sign up

Create your account by clicking on "Sign up with my personal email" then fill in your information

Complete your Rental record

Submit your ID and a proof of admission


Guide of housing search - GOBELINS Paris


You don't have a guarantor living in France? 

Thanks to the Studapart guarantee, Studapart is your guarantor for the whole duration of your rental. To be eligible, all you have to do is submit your ID and proof of admission on the platform.

ATTENTION : It is important to book through the platform until the end of the process – not directly with owners otherwise GOBELINS won’t be able to help you in case you have any trouble with the owner. 


2. Crous International CITE in PARIS

Dormitory for master degree students only.

3. Generic websites to find an apartment

Attention with scammers! Never send money before signing a rental contract with the owner. 

4. Estate agencies

Contacting estate agencies is the safest way to find a flat to rent, but their services are subject to a charge (15€ /square meter).

5. Social facilities

Some social facilities available in Paris: 

  • The American Church, 65 Quai d’Orsay, 75007 Paris - Tel 01 40 62 05 00  
  • The American Cathedral, 23 av George-V, 75008 Paris - Tel 01 53 23 84 00  
  • St Michael’s Church, 5 rue d’Aguesseau, 75008 Paris - Tel 01 47 42 70 88  
  • Hall of Residence,The Tourist Office at Pyramides metro station has the list of foyer

Rental agreements

The type of agreement will vary depending on whether you are renting a furnished or unfurnished flat.

Renting a furnished place allows you to live directly in the apartment without buying any furniture.

A furnished-lease is one year long and shall include a renewable clause for another year. It must also mention: A maximum deposit of 2 months’ rent and free breaking close at any time, with one month notice (registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the owner).


List of documents to support your application to rent an apartment

  • Copy of ID or first 3 pages of passport  
  • Copy of parents or guarantor's last 3 payslips  
  • Employment certificate of your parents/guarantor  
  • Bank Details/ RIB  (French one is preferable for some owners)  
  • If applicable: copy of last 3 rental payment receipts  
  • Letter of admission to GOBELINS 

Finding a guarantor

A guarantor can be a friend/member of your family, willing to cover you in case you can’t pay the rent. Owners usually ask for a guarantor especially when you apply as a student. 

Visale: a service from Action Logement providing “free guarantor” open to Intl students
Note: you must hold a VLS-TS to benefit from VISALE if you are from outside European Union.

Attention: When you get your new postal address and phone number in France, please notify GOBELINS as soon as possible.

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