Open a bank account

Everything you need to know to open a bank account upon your arrival.

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A French bank account

A bank account in France costs between 4 to 10€/month.

Please do not forget to inform your bank before departing to France to prevent the bank from withholding your international transfers (from your foreign account to your French one).

Partnership with BPRI bank

GOBELINS has a partnership with Banque populaire. Enjoy a special welcome to the GOBELINS BPRI agency, a bank account and a debit card for free during the first year plus a €80 credit as a welcome offer!

List of documents needed to open a bank account in France

  • Identity card and/or Passport
  • VISA
  • Student card and/or Attestation de travail (only if you are planning on working while being at school)
  • Proof of residence in France (Ex: Last utility bill or rental agreement in your name, or dormitory certificate)

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