If your goal is :

  • to acquire both artistic and technical skills that will enhance your talent and allow you to become an effective and productive partner in an animation production pipeline,
  • to become the creator or the director of your own production,
  • to further develop your team to enhance their skills for an upcoming project,
  • to give your students an energizing experience,
  • to train your trainers.

GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, shares its expertise in animation by organising and delivering Workshops all over the world !


GOBELINS designs and delivers Workshops in :

  • Character Animation,
  • 2D Animation,
  • 3D Animation,
  • Visual Development,
  • Drawing for animators
  • Storytelling,
  • Acting for Animators,
  • Motion Capture,
  • Animation and audio-visual production
  • Training for Trainers.


Made to measure

GOBELINS Workshops are made to measure to your specific needs by a team of specialists who will discuss your project in detail with you. They will then design a programme adapted to the level and objectives of your target audience, whether this audience includes students, professionals or a broader public.

The content, duration, dates and teachers are also variable depending on your requirements.


A growing experience

GOBELINS’ objective is to make these Workshops a growing experience for every participant. We aim to achieve this goal by promoting interactivity with you in the design process of the programme and with the participants during the course. We help them to study the specific characteristics and know-how of each of the skills mentioned above, using GOBELINS methods and pedagogy. Our classes are a balanced mix of lectures and workshops including practical exercises, mentoring, case studies, experience sharing and team work. We can organise an online follow-up with a mentor after the Workshop if desired. Encouraging creativity is another core element for the participants so they can not only perfect their technical skills, but also become true contributors to the creative process.


GOBELINS’ assets :

  • GOBELINS comes to you: we deliver the Workshops in your premises at times of the day or at a pace appropriate to your team or students.
  • GOBELINS Workshops bring to the classroom esteemed professionals from world-renowned studios and companies who share their knowledge and experience.
  • Lectures, workshops and hands-on exercises are in English.
  • Participants benefit from tailored training and follow-up if required.



A package programme at a fixed fee which encompasses design, pedagogical engineering, organisational and management costs, selection of trainers as well as trainer salaries.



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