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GOBELINS Paris and MBC Academy sign a partnership

GOBELINS Paris has signed a partnership with MBC Academy at the initiative of Generation 2030.

MBC Academy is part of the MBC group (Middle-East Broadcasting Center) one of the largest Saudi audiovisual groups and aims to prepare and support the development of a generation of creative Saudis in the sectors of production, media and entertainment.

This partnership has enabled GOBELINS Paris to set up a one-year tailor-made 3D character animation training program for 15 Saudi students (including 9 female students), selected from more than 160 applications.

GOBELINS Paris et MBC Academy
GOBELINS Paris et MBC Academy

The 15 students are supervised by Razahk Issaka, dedicated teacher and coordinator, who teaches them the fundamentals of 3D animation, the walking technics on Maya software, body mechanics…

"In addition to its enthusiasm, the class demonstrates a strong ability to work as a team - a professional quality that is essential in the animation industry, where collaboration is key" says Razahk.

The class will produce, throughout the training, an original project of a very short film in 3D animation.

« This project will be an opportunity for the students to develop skills on the entire 3D animation pipeline, and to showcase their creativity and talent. »
Razahk Issaka, teacher and coordinator at GOBELINS Paris
News published on January 12, 2023