Summer schools

For this 2023 edition, you are welcome to step into the landmark again, explore further your creativity, and gain great experience in Animation from the 1st Animation School in the world.

Whether you want to join the programme in Character Animation or in Visual Storytelling, you will be able to listen to inspiring lectures, take part in plenty of hands-on workshops, and enjoy all the entertainment the city-of-light has to offer In Real Life.

So don’t miss a thing, choose your programme, submit your portfolio early, and if successful, book your animation journey to GOBELINS.

We can’t wait to see you again this Summer!

Summer school

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  • Visual storytelling

    Learn about storytelling techniques and take your artistic project to a professional level!

  • From storyboard to animatic

    Make your own storyboard, and turn it to a great animatic!

  • 2D Animation

    Learn what makes a successful character animation!

  • Motion design

    This course is a deep dive into the core of Motion Design knowledge, where software is just a tool for creativity.

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