MA in Visual Storytelling

The Cultural and Creative Industries currently offer unprecedented opportunities for cultural innovators and visual artists. Narration, the backbone of these industries, transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. It serves as the thread allowing creators to communicate ideas, evoke emotions, influence opinions, and convey values.

GOBELINS offers its international expertise in storytelling, visual arts, and pedagogy to guide a new generation of storytellers and creators in mastering the art of storytelling.



2 years

Pace of study



Paris Saint-Marcel

  • Holder of a bachelor's degree in literature, performing arts, humanities, or journalism.
  • Holder of a professional bachelor's degree in audiovisual production management.
  • Holder of a professional bachelor's degree in sound and image techniques.
  • Holders of a Bachelor's in 2D or 3D animation.
  • Holders of a DNMADE degree (Graphic Design, Animation, Social Innovation, Entertainment).
  • Holder of a Bachelor's in video games.
  • Holder of a certificate in drawing, illustration, or comics.
  • Holder of a Bachelor's in graphic design, motion design.
  • Holder of a Bachelor's in photography/videography.
  • Holder of a degree in arts, cinema, audiovisual studies.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in one of the aforementioned fields.

French-speaking audience: minimum B2 level in English.
English-speaking audience: B2 level in French.

  • A demonstrated passion for writing.
  • Interest in cinema, television, literature, theater, graphic arts, along with intellectual curiosity about the evolution of expression modes and technologies.
  • Strong sensitivity and open-mindedness toward contemporary times and the world.
  • Enjoyment of teamwork.
  • Strong communication skills and behavioral competencies: communication, collaboration, project management, creativity, imagination, empathy, and a sense of humor

First semester of the 2nd year: compulsory mobility period - academic mobility, an internship in a company, or a research project/study trip.

School diploma

  • Exam success rate in 2023 : %
  • Professional integration rate in 2022: % (at 7 months) - Not available – Opening in September 2024

  • Pre-production of visual content careers: screenwriter for live action formats and animation (film, series short films and documentaries), animation or video game designer, motion designers, illustrators, comic book authors.
  • Producer, storytelling director, universe designer, character designer, adapter.

Tuition fees

  • €10.500 (1st year) per year for European citizens
  • €15.000 (1st year) per year for non European citizens

    (+ €300 for installment payments)

Eligible for scholarship

Admission process

Selection based on a CV, autobiography, and narrative file for eligibility. Oral interview for admission.

Download the admission process


The first year focuses on deepening theoretical and technical knowledge around the seven fundamentals of storytelling:

  • Module 1: Dramaturgies and cultures of narrative forms
  • Module 2: Universe design
  • Module 3: Character development
  • Module 4: Adaptations
  • Module 5: Media forms and production pipelines
  • Module 6: New formats and technologies
  • Module 7: Economics of audiovisual creation and target group studies

The second year is structured as follows:

  • 1st semester: academic mobility at a partner school, internship in a French or international company, or a study trip with a research paper on narrative techniques.
  • 2nd semester: development of a narrative project on a theme and with various media support in animation, gaming, serious gaming, motion design, comics, etc. A 'treatment' dossier for this project will be required, and a final pitch will be evaluated by a professional jury.

The degree will be delivered through lectures and project-based pedagogy. Practice in pitching, either in teams or individually, and the integration of intercultural issues hold a significant place throughout the curriculum.

Courses are taught in both English and French.

  • Mastering cross-disciplinary knowledge in narrative content creation.
  • Acquiring methods in visual storytelling to conceive, structure, write, promote, and value content for digital media.
  • Mastering pitch techniques in written and oral forms.
  • Identifying narrative stakeholders and building a professional network.
  • Acquiring intercultural competencies: ability to work in multicultural teams or with partners from different cultures.

First year:

  • One production project per module along with a pitch.

Second year:

  • Potential for a research project in the first semester.
  • Second semester: development of a narrative project on various themes and media supports: short film project, series, game or serious game, motion design campaign, comic, etc.

Continuous assessment (written and oral) Mobility/internship/research report Final narrative project presentation to a jury.

  • Internationally renowned school
  • International exposure: classes and conferences in English enabling professional-level English proficiency and teamwork on multicultural projects.
  • Teachers and trainers from the professional world: conferences, masterclasses
  • Personalised student support
  • Professional-quality final project
  • Professional and cultural diversity among participants, global outlook
  • Campus located in the heart of Paris.

Meet us

GOBELINS Paris Open House

26th and 27th January 2024

Training Schedule

Registration opens:

November 10, 2023

Registration deadline:

February 29th 2024

Interview dates:

April 2nd to April 5th 2024

Start of the course:

September 2024

End of the course:

June 2026

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