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Summer School in 3D Character Animation in Ghana

16 participants benefit from French Embassy, EU and AnimaxFYB two-week summer school GOBELINS Paris 3D Character animation programme.

French Embassy in Ghana together with the European Union in Ghana and Ghanaian-based animation industry player AnimaxFYB studios have teamed up with world leading French Animation school GOBELINS Paris to offer a two-week intensive training on 3D animation for 16 young Ghanaians.

The two-week summer school, supported by the French Embassy in Ghana and the European Union in Ghana gives participants the opportunity to explore their creativity, expand their skills and gain great experience in animation. The training offers opportunity to increase the participant’s skills and understanding of what makes a successful 3D Animation.

Summer school in Ghana

« GOBELINS is very proud to bring this training programme to Ghana. Spreading know-how to meet local training needs is part of GOBELINS international development, especially on the African continent, where it is developing a solid multi-partner network. »

GOBELINS head of international development

« Training is one of the key steps to help the Ghanaian animation industry to fulfil its potential and create vocations and access to jobs in the animation industry. Training young people in animation with employable skills is an essential opportunity. »

Francis Y. BROWN
Creative director at AnimaxFYB studios

« The French Team is willing to scale up the development of animation in Ghana, because we believe that animation is not only about telling stories in a creative way, it is also about offering huge growth opportunities and jobs. »

French Ambassador to Ghana

« The creative industries, including animated movies and games, are a key element of the Ghanaian private sector. In our daily work in Ghana we see a plethora of talented young people in the creative, including animators. »

European Union Ambassador to Ghana

Summer school in Ghana
Summer school in Ghana
Summer school in Ghana

While Animation industry is booming on the African continent, Ghana's Animation ecosystem goes from strength to strength with more and more industry players and many talented animators, who shape a bright future for this industry and youth employment in Ghana.

Although there are several schools offering animation degrees on the continent, skills building and permanent education are essential for the animation actors all along their professional journey.

This initiative is aligned with the actions of the European Union and the French Embassy to contribute to the structuring of cultural and creative industries in the country.

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News published on July 21, 2023